The Artist

I photograph families, children and seniors—but what I REALLY do is capture memories that you will fall in love with and hang on your wall or have in an album on your coffee table. Someday, when your children have left the nest, you will walk by these photographs on your wall and see your child smiling at you. You will be reminded that your child is always there, they are always a part of your life and your family is always changing and growing. Others will see your photos and start conversations and comment on how beautiful your family is and how much fun you are having in the photo. They will say that it’s incredible how quickly time flies by. You will acknowledge that time does indeed fly by, but you will feel a great sense of joy and comfort because you value photography and you invested in a photo session with me. Time has been frozen for you and it is right there looking at you, telling you stories of all the special time that your family has shared together throughout the years. I am a photographer because I am passionate about creating and capturing joy, happiness and memories that can be shared and talked about for generations. I know my art can do that. I have a need to create and express myself through art. Photography fulfills this need for me.